Alternatives to Fashion Designer in the Fashion Industry


No matter how much you dream of it, not everyone can become a fashion designer at the end of the day. This is not the end of the world however; the fashion industry is vast and multi-faceted, and has room for everyone provided they have something to contribute. If you possess serious design skills but couldn’t crack the fashion designer niche, maybe you should look into these alternatives within the fashion industry instead:

Design the Extras

Accessories are hardly considered extras anymore as they are a multibillion dollar industry in itself, especially with brands such as Givenchy and Bvlgari. While fashion design differs vastly from designing accessories like women heeled shoes, handbags, watches or jewellery, someone with a background in fashion design can become consultants who work with the actual designers to determine how a particular clothing trend will play out in the world of accessories.

For instance, when polka dots and belts were back in vogue, the biggest womens shoes online trend were side buckles, especially on Manolo Blahniks. The gladiator sandals coincided with the Grecian drape and high waist in dresses.

Advice the Marketing

With a quick course on marketing, a fashion designer can also become a consultant for fashion marketing, which is an entirely different area of marketing. No one can market, brand, and sell fashion without a thorough understanding of the vagaries of the fashion world, and who better than a designer to understand the selling points of a particular type of pants or dress? Fashion market consultants would be expected to keep up with the latest trends (like a fashion merchandiser), advice on how to package a certain trend or collection, and work with the creative team behind the promotional material to ensure that the designer’s creative vision matches the vision of the production team. It would also mean certain knowledge on the corporate world and the business angle, so a crash course on business with a focus on fashion will not come amiss.

Become the Creative

If you can’t express your creativity on cloth, then express it on set; becoming a creative director of fashion photo shoots will allow you full range access to your creative soul, while being able to work closely with the fashion as well. The more you understand the designer’s point of view, the better you will be at your job as it will help you to marry your creative to his/ her creative to see it realized in photos. Remember that the clothes are the most important thing to highlight here, so don’t let your ‘vision’ overwhelm the designer’s creations. It is also important to stand out as the fashion industry is all about pushing the limits and challenging norms. Think about some of the creatives that Jay Manual directed for America’s Next Top Model; floaty, ethereal garments were photographed on models who were flying through the air like birds, while glittering, mirror- like clothes would be enhanced in a room set with mirrors everywhere.

Buy Healthy Clothing To Maintain Your Body Shape

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Fashion and strict diet
So how then do we reduce our body weight and stay healthy and look good all at the same time. If you happen to be one of those fashion conscious people who likes to look good at all times but don’t have the time to be always following a strict diet and going for a daily walk after work you can buy yoga pants instead.
Purchase the product
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Discount and confidence
The moment you put on the clothing you feel very comfortable and when you take a look in the mirror you cannot believe what you see. Your body looks as if it has gone down by a couple pounds. You stare at yourself in the mirror to see if this is really you and yes it is you. So now you understand why this product is demand and why many people buy this product. So on your way to office the following day you decide to stop by the store and purchase more clothing in different colours because you plan on wearing this product for a long time. The sales staff is pleased to see you back at their store and give you more good news. They tell you that if you purchase another two items you will get a 40% discount on both items of clothing. So you purchase two items and enjoy the discount offered by the store.