Planning a beach day with the entire family and hoping it would be successful? Here are some tips you should read on.

Getting there

Make sure you leave enough time for that road trip to the beach. Things can get really messy on the way and since you are travelling with your kids there is a chance that you will have to make several unplanned stops along the way for bathroom emergencies and untimely hunger problems. If you have the entire day to spend on the beach with the little ones you can at least plan and get to the beach by 9 or 9.30 in the morning. Waking the kids up and getting them might not get that difficult since the kids will possibly be all excited.

Pack the necessary things

This will include number of things depending on the needs of your kids. Apart from the obvious sand buckets, toys, beach balls and the swimsuits, you should also remember to pack a handy and practical children’s hooded beach towel. If you know what you are doing and have prior experiences, you can even take a small tent for the kids to nap when they need one. This will come in handy if you are planning to spend the entire day at the beach and if your kids are super addicted to naps right after lunch.

The bathroom needs

Remember to pack a travel potty as well. You can invest in a folding potty if you have a small kid on your beach tour as well. this means you need to include the potty in your checklist for the beach day as well. If the car is parked nearby, you can let the kids use the potty at the back of the car. And if the car is parked far away and nowhere near the beach, you can try bringing in a tent to the beach so that your baby will have some privacy. Remember to pack kids robes as well, this way they won’t have to be wrapped in a nice towel the entire time they are out of the water.

Plan for thirst and hunger

When you are taking the entire family on a beach day, it is important that you take a well packed cooler. Take huge bottle of water with ice. You can go ahead and pour in less water and more ice as well since everything will melt so fast. Fill up the cooler with cut up slices of oranges, grapes, apples and even cheese sticks. Make sure you pack enough to share with the new friends your kids meet on the beach; chances are that your kids’ new friends have not packed enough snacks for the beach. You can also make some amazing sandwiches for the beach day. Although this could mean that you have to wake up early, you can make the mixture the night before.