Though most countries are experiencing several inches of snow and blistering cold weather right now, it is not too late to start dreaming of the warm summer months or making it a reality in the southern hemisphere of the world. If you are fortunate enough to holiday in this part of the world or simply wish to get your summer wardrobe ready for the new season, one of the key fabrics to look out for is khaki.
How khaki is used?

You will be surprised to see the khaki making a comeback in different ways this summer. As the runways have showcased, it is not merely in the form of a trench coat that you could wear this fabric in the spring season. Many of the womens occasion wear also see khaki used in combination with other fabrics in dresses as well. The casual clothes segment sees a lot of khaki being used in womens’ pants. Coat like dresses also brings in khaki with a surprising infusion of prints.

Why khaki must be tried?
The incoming of khaki for the summer would be something that should inspire everyone to invest in the fabric further. It is woven from eco-friendly and organic materials that make it a wanted fabric in today’s world. As every Melbourne fashion designer and other designers across the world are trying to incorporate natural, organic, skin friendly fabrics that are sustainable as well, the rise of organic cotton or linen should not surprise people. As a result, when you invest in khaki shirts, pants, coats and other dresses, you would be doing the world some good as well. Please check more about Grecian maxi dress here.

Neutral shade to pair with bright colors
Do not be put off by the thought that designers are banishing colors and vibrancy from the summer wardrobe by stressing on khaki in clothing. This is being used in contrast in interesting ways, both with contrasting fabrics as well as prints and colors. Hence, when you invest in a khaki pant, remember to team it with a bright or a complementing dark shade top or shirt. The same goes for a dress that you could wear inside a khaki trench coat. Using khaki during summer days will help you to stay cool and look cool as well. Khaki is being a neutral shade, investing in any kind of clothing in this fabric or style will also make a long-lasting addition to your wardrobe. With such reasons, you will not go wrong if you invest in khaki for the summer months this year.