Choosing the engagement ring that you are planning on using to propose to your significant other may seem like an extremely stressful decision to make on your own with no direction what so ever. It is obvious that you cannot ask her what she will like to have especially if you are planning to surprise her with a proposal.

However, making this decision does not need to be this difficult. Here are a few tips that you can use to help you decide on the perfect ring for your girl and looking for jewellery stores at Ffountain Gate.   


When it comes to choosing a ring out of the variety of engagement rings available out there it is quite overwhelming. However when it comes to making this decision, it helps if you pay a bit of attention to her when she talks about jewellery. Also it is a good idea to look around and take her style of dressing into consideration. If she is the kind who likes to wear subtle, elegant jewellery you will have a place to start. On the other hand if she enjoys wearing chunky jewellery, you will be able to match it along with her taste.

Ask her friends for advice

If you are still not sure of what engagement rings she will like to have, you can speak to a couple of her friends and ask them to help you out when selecting the ring. In most cases they will able to choose a couple that she could like, and then you can make the final decision.

Talk to your friends who have done it before

If you are not extremely comfortable in asking her friends for help in this area wedding rings at Narre Warren, speak to your guy friends who have made this choice before. They too will be able to help you to come down to a few choices, where you will be able to make the final choice where the ring is concerned.

Keep it simple

It’s easy to go overboard when you look at the case full of shiny rings that you will be presented with. But the trick is to keep it simple. The simpler it is the more beautiful it is. Remember to take the design into consideration, spend some time looking at a couple of choices before you actually make your decision.


To keep you on the right track and to help you from not going overboard you can set up a budget to help you stay within a reasonable price range.